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over 2 months ago I bought the Macadamia Oil hair repair masque just based on the reviews. a lot of people raved about it and I just thought it was worth a shot. let`s just say I was very pleasantly surprised. it has been so great for my hair, it has made it very soft and smooth & just all around healthy. the tub is a little expensive, about $30 but if you go back to my first review post on it and you compare it to this one, you`ll see that I have barely used any. so in almost 3 months (apr 4th) I have used maybe 1/2 of it, great value really.

I`ve also tried the shampoo & conditioner but I have to say, I wasn`t blown away by them, I mean, I really didn`t think they were that much different than the ones I`m using now.

the leave in treatment is really good, so good in fact that I bought the full size one. I use it on my kids hair because they have really curly hair and this makes it so soft and easy to comb through and it smells like a dream. the healing oil is good, I don`t know if it`s better than my argan magic oil but it`s for sure not worse LOL

overall, it`s a good line of products, I think for the most part they`re way better than drugstore stuff and I have to say that what I do use, has worked wonders. although they are expensive, you use such little amounts that you`re not spending $50-60 a month on them, I`d say you would spend that much every 4-5 months in which case it`s the same as drugstore stuff right?

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