Macadamia Oil Masque - after 1 use

since this product is getting a lot of hype, I thought I`d add my thoughts on it after just one use, then again when I finish the whole tub. I have read some of the reviews on makeupalley and other sites because I like doing that anyways, a little research never hurt right? ok, so here we go ....

I purchased mine at cvs, it was about $27 plus tax which yes, did hurt quite a bit I mean, that much for a hair product? ouch but still I was dying to try it since my hair has been looking a little dry lately. umm a little info on my hair : it`s past shoulder length, it`s wavy, it`s thick, a little frizzy, color treated but shiny and I guess overall healthy. I did say it has been a touch dry lately not sure why though or it might just be my imagination, who knows. but I digress.

the tub comes pretty full, has a stopper lid and it smells like the original rose scented herbal essence shampoo. the instructions are to comb it through clean wet hair, let it sit for at least 7 mins and rinse off, fairly simple. for my length of hair I did not use that much really, honestly it seems to be a better buy than the Lush hair treatments since I could only get like 2 out of one tub. the 2nd pic is the brand new tub and the 3rd is after 1 use.

see? I didn`t really use that much at all which I think might be key. so as I said, I washed my hair, I combed this through using a big conair comb, at first it hurt a bit but once it started penetrating - total smoothness. although the name has the word "oil" in it, this was absolutely non greasy in my opinion. it felt a lot like the super thick conditioner that comes with a box hair dye, that same super smooth feeling but not nearly as thick. it rinses off very easily and does not leave any residue at all.

did it make my hair air dry any faster? don`t think so. did it totally 100% tame the frizz? nope. did it make my hair shinier? yes, it did. my hair is shiny but this made it that much better. it was most definitely softer and oh oh oh here`s the best part, 2nd and even 3 day hair - UHmazeballs !! yup, that`s right. normally by the 3rd day my hair is starting to look a bit greasy at the roots or perhaps not quite as soft but damn, this thing is freaking great. today is my 3rd day and my hair looks just as good as it did yesterday, both days better than the day I washed it which is crazy you know.

I want to use the whole thing before I make up my mind 100% about this, for the moment I`m just saying I really like what it did after 1 use and I can see why this product has such hype. I know I didn`t take pics of my hair, totally slipped my mind - then again, you guys already know what it looks like !

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