Macadamia Nuts Australia and its Benefits!

8 months ago

You can get great health benefits with macadamia nuts Australia. These nuts are available in many flavors. They are sweet and delicious to taste. These nuts are full of nutrients and called by various names such as bush nut, Australia nut, Queensland nut and others. Such sweet and crunchy nuts are grown in mineral rich tropical areas of Australia. Macadamia tree that produces such nuts are 15 meters long in height. On the 7th year, you can find the nuts produced by this tree.

You can get 2 kinds such as macadamia integrofolia and macadamia tetraphylla. The nut is found in rough shell in the macadamia tetraphylla. In Macadamia integrifolia type, nuts can be found in a smooth shell. The edible kernel is white and it has a sweet taste because of the buttery surface on it.

Do you know that Macadamia nuts Australia are rich source of energy? Yes, it is the true fact. In 100 grams of nuts, there is around 720 calories and thus it can produce energy. Apart from rich source of energy, such nuts are also rich in minerals, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants etc. For maintaining good health you can consider buying Macadamia nuts Australia.

Do you know that such nuts can provide you with dietary fibre? This is certainly a fact. You will find around 8.5grams in 100 grams of nuts. Thus, it can be said that such nuts are good source of phytosterols but you don`t have to worry about your cholesterol level. These types of Australian nuts do not contain cholesterol.

Did you know that these also do not contain gluten? Yes, Macadamia nuts Australia are free from gluten. Therefore it can be used as core ingredient in several food formulas. People with celiac disease or people who are allergic to gluten can make use of such food products.

Do you know that such nuts are rich in MUF? MUF is the mono unsaturated fat that minimizes the bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. In MUF you can find palmitoleic acids as well as oleic acid. In the Mediterranean diet, people use these nuts. Eating them protects you from artery disease and strokes.

Did you know these nuts are rich in minerals? Yes, you can find minerals in Macadamia nuts Australia like calcium, manganese, zinc, iron etc. Selenium can also be found in this type of nut that is considered as cardio protective micro mineral. You can even find B complex vitamin in the nuts that improves the metabolic functions.

To protect DNA damage and cell membranes, you can make use of such nuts because it contains fat soluble vitamins. You can even get vitamin E and vitamin C from these nuts. All the year around you can find Macadamia nuts Australia.

You can get quality nuts online. Online stores offer you the nuts in a number of firms such as sweetened, unshelled, salted, roasted etc.

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