Macadamia hair masque v. Loreal total repair

I have been using the Macadamia Oil for well over a year now. when I first tried it I thought it was such an amazing product and the results very visible after the first use. it repaired my hair, made it smooth and silky and healthy so I was totally willing to pay the hefty price tag of $36 for 8.5oz. this is my 3rd tub I believe, each one lasts me a solid 3 months I`d say.

now Loreal recently launched their total repair damage erasing balm. it carries a HUGE claim of repairing one year of damage in one use (I wish you could see my eyes roll). I`m pretty sure that`s impossible to live up to, and you guessed it - it did not. granted, the price is great, $7 for 8.5 oz so it was totally worth the try.

ok, so as you can see, the consistency is different. the macadamia is a little more textured than the loreal. in the shower however they both apply the same. I just scoop a little out and comb it through my wet hair with my macadamia wide tooth comb. as far as scent goes, the loreal is in fact more heavily perfumed, it`s a nice scent, I actually really like it. they both rinse out just as easily too. conclusion: in the shower, they perform exactly the same, in my opinion that is.

here is where it starts to get sticky - ingredients. if you are a stickler for the things you put on your hair, if you are trying to stay away from harsh chemicals, silicones, etc., the choice is clear. the contrast in the list of ingredients is so obvious. loreal`s ingredient list seems a foot long compared to macadamia`s and that`s just on the surface. if you actually read the ingredients you`ll see that macadamia has way more oils and less chemicals than loreal, I mean hell, I can read macadamia`s, loreal`s - yeah not so much ! as far as contents go, macadamia wins hands down.

ultimately it`s all about how these affect the hair. I can say without reservations that loreal does not live up to its claim of repairing a year`s worth of damage after one use, in fact, it doesn`t feel much different than a regular conditioner to me. now I`m not saying I prefer the macadamia either, I`m not sure if my hair has now become accustomed to it or if they changed the formula or what but I`m not getting the results I used to. both treatments do leave my hair soft, no build up, smelling yummy but they`re not miracle workers.

bottom line is: if you want the most natural products and don`t mind paying the price, go for the macadamia. if you`re not particular and are looking for something cheap and easily found at drugstores, go for the loreal. it truly is just a matter of choice because results wise, they`re both the same in my book.

(pictures of the ingredient lists are on my blog)

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