MAC Woodwinked - Eyeshadow Combinations

6 years ago

An ever-so popular MAC eyeshadow! Here are some combinations to try.

- Sumptuous Olive on lid, Woodwinked on inner lid/corner, Tempting in crease, Vanilla Pigment to highlight.
- Woodwinked in the inner & Agate on the outer, Smolde to line.
- Mac Quad: Goldbit(or Retrospeck), Saddle, All That Glitters, Woodwinked.
- Amber Lights (or Woodwinked) on lids, Angel Cake in crease.
- Vapour on brow bone, Woodwinked on lid, Swimming in crease.
- Tilt on the lid w/ Woodwinked or Mulch in the crease.
- Gorgeous Gold w/ Trax, or I like it w/ Tease & Teal & Cinders from the Olive palette. Also good w/ greens (Golden Olive pigment), bronzes/browns (Woodwinked & Antiqued).
- Bare Canvas, Pollen(inner, highlight), Woodwinked(inner lid), Coppering(outer lid), Sunsplosion(liner & crease), Engraved to line.
- Woodwinked+Coppering
- nice mac combo today: Yogurt as wash, Moth brown close to lashes, smoked out & Woodwinked & in crease. W/ gray liner from nars.
- Girlie on lid, Vex to highlight, Woodwinked on lid, Shroom to highlight, Yogurt on lid, Shale in crease, Vapour to highlight
- Swish looks AWESOME w/ Woodwinked, or w/ Aquadesiac or Steamy.
- Woodwinked & Stars N` Rockets are gorgeous paired together! I wore WW on lid w/ SnR in crease, highlighted w/ Goldbit & lined w/ Blitz & Glitz.
- Woodwinked +Expensive Pink.
- Woodwinked on the lid, Swimming in a fat, bold line all the way around.
- Woodwinked/Tempting/Carbon.
- Woodwinked on lid, Bronze in crease & Ricepaper.
- Woodwinked on the inner corner, Expensive Pink on lid, Golden Olive on outer >, Deep Truth in crease.
- Woodwinked on the lid w/ Fiction or Plumage in the crease. Gorgeous & diff. from the usu. boring browns.
- All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Mulch & Goldbit to highlight.
- Ricepaper as a wash, Woodwinked on lid, Antiqued in crease & lower lash line, Embarked in outer > & upper lash line.
- Woodwinked on lid, Club in crease, Plumage in outer v & to line.
- Pink Couture Shadestick on lid, Woodwinked over that, Star Violet blended in crease.
- Quad: Ricepaper, Sable, Star Violet & Woodwinked.
- Angelcake on lid, Expensive Pink on inner crease, blending out to Woodwinked on outer crease, Dipdown to line.
- Star Violet w/ Woodwinked, Antiqued or Say Yeah.
- Woodwinked on lid, Tempting in crease & Shroom to highlight.
- Expensive Pink w/ Amber Lights or Woodwinked.
- Bare Canvas Paint, Omega on lid, Woodwinked on outer corners, All That Glitters on inner corners.
- Woodwinked on the lid w/ Parrot on outer corner/crease.
- Woodwinked on lid w/ Femme Noir in the crease & Retrospeck to highlight.
- Femme Noir & Greensmoke go nicely w/ Phloof, Gorgeous Gold, Tempting, Humid, Freshwater, Woodwinked, Summer Neutral & Amber Lights.
- Woodwinked w/ Embark as a liner.
- Expensive Pink w/ Woodwinked & Antiqued.
- Expensive Pink on lid, Woodwinked in the crease, Shroom to highlight.
- The SA did the most gorgeous, subtly smoky eye in different shades of neutral brown, Nylon as highlight, Woodwinked on lid, Tempting for crease, inner/outer v.
- Fiction w/ Sumptuous Olive, Club, Woodwinked, Vex, Cranberry , Femme Noir, Shroom.
- Woodwinked on the inner half of the eye & Fiction on the outer half w/ Shroom on the brow bone.
- Elite or Woodwinked on lid, Plumage in crease, Club in outer > & to line lower lash line, Retrospeck to highlight brow bone & inner corners.
- Motif on lid, Embark in crease, Woodwinked on inner corner. Looks gorgeous on my brown eyes!
- Woodwinked on lid, Patina as a wash, Retrospeck to highlight, Humid as lower liner, Teddy to line upper lashes.
- Shroom/ Naked Lunch (on lid), Woodwinked (outer 2/3 lid), Amber Lights outer 1/3 lid), Botanical/Sunnydaze Pigment (contour).
- Naked Lunch (on lid), All That Glitters (inner 2/3 lid), Sable (outer 1/3 lid), Woodwinked (contour), Melon Pigment (brow bone highlighter).
- Woodwinked (on lid), Retrospeck (over Woodwinked), B-rich (inner 2/3 lid), Sable (outer 1/3 lid), Cranberry over Sable & on crease, Dovefeather (contour), Vanilla (brow bone highlighter).
- Woodwinked on lid, Mulch in crease & outer lid, Shroom as highlight.
- Expensive Pink on lid, Apricot Pink Pigment on inner lid, Woodwinked on outer crease, Rich Purple Pigment smudged on lower lashes, Prunella to line lower lashes, Graphblack to line upper lashes.
- Honesty, Woodwinked & Sable.
- Greensmoke to line, Satin Taupe w/ Woodwinked over it on my lid, Shroom to highlight.
- Satin Taupe on the lid, Woodwinked in the crease with a little bit of Jete to blend, Freshwater & Tilt on lower lash line, Next to Nothing (or Brule/Shroom) to highlight.
- Painterly Paint Pot, Bronze on lid, Embark in crease & outer >, Woodwinked on inner corner, Ricepaper to highlight, Smolder to line.
- Dream quads for green eyes: 1)Mulch, Greensmoke, Satin Taupe & Woodwinked. 2)Sable, Romp, Retrospect & Juxt.
- Woodwinked on lid, Tempting in crease, Shroom to highlight, Blacktrack or Graphic Brown Fluidline to line.
- Cash Flow + Woodwinked is really pretty too! (Submitted by Stephanie S.)
- Ricepaper on brow bone, Nylon immediately under the eye brow, Woodwinked on lid, Copperplate in crease, Coffee pencil to line.
- Woodwinked on the lid, Kid in crease, Shroom as a highlight, Star Violet on the outer v.

**Photo is my own!
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