Mac refill pan vs Depotting Mac eyeshadows

5 years ago

Hello everyone!

I was surfing the web today and came about a video that showed you how to depot mac eyeshadows so you could bring your plastic tub to the "Back to Mac" program. The video was great!! It showed you how to remove it with minimal damage to the plastic! It even showed you have to place it in your pro eyeshadow palette! However it got me thinking... does doing it this way really save you money?

so I decided I wanted to calculate the cost to see which one saves you more money, depotting the eyeshadow & using the "Back to Mac" program OR just buying the refill eyeshadow pans.

So lets calculate! :)

The eyeshadows cost 15.00 each
so lets say we bought 6 of them and got one free.
We would have then paid $90 for 7 eyeshadows if we depotted each one and used one for the "Back to Mac" program.

The pot refills cost $11.50 each
So if we bought 7 of them it would cost us $80.50.
This would be $10.50 cheaper!

Of course, it may not seem like a lot of money. However, you need to consider all the time you would put into depotting your mac product, and the time you spent going to the store and picking up another eyeshadow for you. Time is money. :)

So just save yourself the hassle and buy the pro palette refill pan.

unless you REALLLY want to do it and you have some money to blow :) then go for it! It looks like fun!

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