Mac Pigments: How to press them

Hello there! Long time no see! Today I decided to press my Mac pigments, which I never use because I hate the mess they create and I don`t know I don`t find them quick to use. First of all I wanna say that if you`re going to do this, you should know that is a mess! I got pigments everywhere, all over me, my desk, my bathroom, everywhere; but I`m pretty please with the result. As you can see in the photos they are almost perfect, I really love the combination of colors too.

What do you need to press pigments?
- Pure Alcohol, I used the 96% pure Alcohol. The more pure is the alcohol the quicker will be the drying process.
- a spatula
- a jar to mix the pigments with the alcohol
- Makeup remover, to clean your hands.
- lots of paper or cotton
- pans to place the pigments

How to actually press the pigments:

1- First thing you should take a little jar, I used Mac sample jars`, take the loose pigment and with the spatula place some of it in the jar (a little more than half jar).

2- Take the alcohol and add a little bit at first in the jar and mix it with the spatula, add a little more if you need, it should become a paste, be aware that it`s better a more liquid consistency, otherwise if the paste is too dry, the eyeshadow could crack really easily. If you accidentaly add too much alcohol the only consequence would be a slower drying.

3- Once you have your paste take your pan and place the product into it, try to smoothen it as good as possible, let it dry until you see that it`s dry and you can touch it without gettin cream all over your finger.

4- Last step is to press it with a coin and a piece of cloth. Wrap the coin into the cloth and press as hard as you can over the pigment. I recommend to let the pigment dry at least over night.

That`s it! I hope it was helpful.


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