MAC mascara review!!

4 years ago

Okay, MAC and I are gonna have to fight!!
Let me say first that I have the most ridiculous, stick straight, sparse, thin eyelashes that could probably count individually that point straight down (thanks mom and dad!!!!)

So, first this is my second tube of MAC false lashes extreme black mascara. I LOVED this the first time I used it and it really separated and elongated the few lashes I have. I got so many comments on how long and great my lashes looked, so, when I ran out I decided to buy another! Yay!!! Finally one that works. Well.... The first time I used this second tube unnoticed it went on a little different and though I curled them like usually they literally went right back down and clumped together :( not sure if they changed something or what but it was very obvious there was a difference. Since I didn`t save the box I put it with the rest of my failed makeup and went makeup-less in protest!

So a few weeks later I decided to try a new mascara from Mac that the lady said was exclusive to nordstroms. It`s the thicker tube in my pics called In Extreme Dimension in black. I told the Mac girl how horrible my lashes are and what a hard time I have finding anything that does the trick and she swore over and over this is going to be the new "cult" FAV and my new go-to mascara for life! I was super excited. First when I took it out I was a little surprised at how large the tube was but maybe it was just me. When I took the wand out to use it and from my pics you can see there isn`t much of a brush at all, no curve , nothing. I had my doubts but gave it a shot. I followed the same steps as I have with every other and did it multiple times different days but literally I felt like I had a huge permanent stock straight marker and was trying to touch the smallest lash with it. IT WAS RIDICULOUS!! I showed my sister that is a cosmetologist and does hair and makeup for a living and her jaw dropped at how weird it looked and felt when she tried. My top lashes literally stick to the bottom. It was clumpy thick and pretty impossible to put on.

You would think I learned my lesson and kept the box to return, NOPE cause thus was gonna be lash-life changing!!! I literally was so disappointed I threw the full brand new tube in the trash!!

On to the next mascara to try!! I think I just need to go back to using my pricey Diorshow mascara and call it a day.

Any thoughts? Or have you tried either of these? What`s your favorite mascara?

-pics are mine-thanks :)
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