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New 120 Color Eye-shadow Palette Very good I have some and I love it very much recommend it it`s brand new of course the casing is plastic and as you can see the palette has 120 colors no mirror which sucks but im sure all you ladies have a mirror these are the colors and about them Matte

Matte eyeshadow is going to give you an intense and true color payoff when it is applied to the eyelid. The Matte eyeshadow finish has no shine, shimmer, or reflective qualities at all in the pan or when applied. In my opinion, the Matte finish eyeshadows are going to be the closest in color when compared to the swatches on the MAC website.


The MAC Frost eyeshadow finish has flecks that individually reflect the light causing it to give a light frost effect. I find that in the MAC Frost finish eyeshadows that I get a little less color payoff but you can build the color. Just keep in mind that the frost effect builds with it as well. The Frost eyeshadow finish is still very subtle when it is applied to the lid.


The MAC Satin eyeshadow finish also is one that gives you good color intensity when it is applied to the skin. The Satin finish eyeshadows collectively reflects the light as opposed to the individual reflections you would get with a Frost finish. This can be likened to the reflection of light you would get off of a silk fabric, hence the name of the finish. However, the eyeshadow does not appear liquid or wet in anyway. I have seen a few forums where users were afraid that it would appear wet on the eyelid due to the description.


The Lustre MAC eyeshadow finish has a glittery effect. The glitter is finely processed so it is not chunky in the eyeshadow. It goes very smooth for the glitter payoff that it gives on the eyelid and the color is pretty true to the MAC makeup website swatch. The Lustre eyeshadow finish is the most light reflective finish in the MAC eyeshadow collection.


The Velvet MAC eyeshadow finish is probably the hardest finish to purchase from the MAC website or without doing a swatch. The Velvet finish is a very soft formulation and it gives a much softer color payoff than what appears in the pan or pot. When you are looking at a picture of a Velvet finish eyeshadow, you can expect the color actually be a muted version of the color you see after it is applied to the lid. I have not had much luck in building color with any of the MAC Velvet finish eyeshadows but I have only tried with a couple.

Veluxe and Veluxe Pearl

The Veluxe finishes are pretty much the same with the exception of the Veluxe Pearl having a metallic shimmer to it. The Veluxe finishes are very soft and have a smooth feeling when they are applied to the lid. They are the softest eyeshadows I have ever used. They generally give an okay color payoff in my experience with them. However, the Veluxe finishes give a very smooth and almost airbrushed look when applied on the eyelid. You will not get a vibrant color from the Veluxe finishes.

These are a more detailed description of the MAC eye-shadow finishes than the MAC website gives you. It is important to consider the finish before purchasing an eye-shadow. It is easy to be disappointed when you cannot actually achieve the color that was seen on the website. Have you had different experiences than mine with certain finishes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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