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4 years ago

MAC Ladyblush Cream Blush Dupe!

Pictures above: Mac Ladyblush on the left and NYX Natural on the right

I finally purchased MAC`s Lady Blush which I have been wanting to try out forever! The color is just the perfect flesh tone pink and I am in love with it! But before I bought this blush I had NYX`s natural cream blush which is almost identical to Ladyblush! NYX`s Natural cream blush is a little over $6.00 unlike Mac`s Lady blush which is $20.00 with tax! I honestly think that if your wanting to try out Ladyblush but dont want to spend the money for it I would recommend Natural instead because your basically getting the same color! You can buy NYX cream blushes on their website, http://cherryculture.com, and you can even find them at Urban Outfitters!:)

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