Mac fix plus versus Model in a bottle!

MAC Fix Plus:
This misting spray can be used for a ton of different things- mist on the face to give a dewy finish to the skin, mix with pigments to create a foiled looking eyeshadow, or even spray on hair as a detangler and hair softener. I have to say this is my all time favorite makeup product- theres not a day that I dont use it for something!

My main use is for giving a dewy finish to the skin. Once my makeup is applied, I simply mist lightly all over my face- this helps my face powder to almost melt into the skin getting rid of any dry appearance. If you have oily skin though, I recommend not using this as it may make your face look more oily.

Price: $19


Model in a Bottle:
This setting spray is my go to product for bridal work as it helps makeup to last all day long! This would also be great for dancers or anyone on stage as bright lights can melt makeup after awhile. Simply mist this all over the face after your makeup is completely done- it makes your makeup almost waterproof (just use a good face cleanser to remove your makeup). I do NOT recommend using this everyday though as it is a heavy duty product that can block pores and irritate the skin if you overuse. Using occasionally is fine as far as Ive tested. There are 2 formulas: regular and sensitive skin

Price: $17

I hope this helps you understand how to use each of these products! Yes, you can use both if you need but each product has a different purpose- one for giving dewy skin, one for setting makeup.

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