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I haven`t written a Luuux review in quite some time, so please bear with me.

Now, I`m a makeup geek. I can rationalize spending $40 on a mascara, but it pains me to spend $40 on a shirt. That contour kit is $100? No problem! Oh it costs $5 for a bag of chips? Better not

MAC is one of my favourite brands for a few reasons
1. They`re a Canadian company (yay!)
2. Their products are of high-quality without high-quality pricing.

My favourite foundation I have ever used is# MAC Face & Body. Before I go out and buy any makeup products I read reviews online about it to see if it`s really worth my money or not. Hours of watching YouTube videos later, I decided that this foundation was a perfect fit for me!

Now, these are a few things that I look for in a foundation

1. Colour matching
2. Heaviness/Cakey-ness
3. Coverage
4. Staying power

This foundation is light-weight which is perfect for me because I HATE the feeling of foundation on my skin. It applies beautifully starting out as very water but as soon as it`s buffed into the skin the texture changes. I have worn this all summer in a painfully humid climate and it looked amazing. It`s waterproof, and doesn`t budge.

My favourite feature of this foundation is it`s texture. It`s your skin, but better. I have fairly clear skin so I don`t wear foundation to cover up acne, just to make it more even and radiant. Whenever I wear this foundation, my skin looks flawless without looking like I`m wearing makeup at all! I`ve received so many compliments on this foundation. I really recommend this to anyone who feels like me: not wanting a foundation that FEELS like foundation, and not wanting to look like you`re wearing a foundation mask.

This foundation retails for CA $32 for a 50 ml / 1.7 US fl oz bottle. I bought my foundation back in January and I have just under half a bottle to this day. A little goes a long way!

Key Points
* Long lasting
* Light/Medium coverage
* Waterproof, sweatproof
* Beautiful smooth, skin like texture
* Not heavy or cakey
* Dewy finish

Well, that concludes this review! Thanks for reading :)

** Picture is not my own, all credit goes to BeautyAndMakeupMatters**

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