MAC Blushes Swatch Party :D (Pic Heavy)

4 years ago

Hello Beautifuls!

As promised, I will be posting swatches of my blush collection and I`m starting off with MAC. Before, I even begin, let me start by saying that 99% of my MAC collection is from a limited edition collection. I don`t know if posting swatches now will do you any good but who knows. You might find a few of these at the CCO, like I have, or you might consider buying it off from Ebay or other sources. Oh yeah for the record, don`t buy from MAC from Ebay, lol. I know I did that a few times before when I didn`t know better. Trust me, it`s not worth spending double or triple what you have to.

MAC always releases new collection and chances are you are going to find another color similar or better to the one that got away.

I find it really sad how you want a LE item really bad and it sells out before you even get a chance to look at it and next thing you know it`s on Ebay for double and even triple the retail price. Not fair for those who actually want to buy for their personal use and find that others are buying them just to resell and make a profit. Well, I`m not having that.

For the records, the swatches are done heavily so that you can see how it looks at its fullest.

Amazon Princess from the Wonder Woman Collection (limited edition). One thing, I like about the dual blush colors is that you can use either one or the other or you can mix them both together; therefore, giving you more option and versatility. The pink side is very pigmented, whereas the plumy side is not so pigmented.

Azalea Blossom from Daphnee Guiness collection (limited edition). I really like how it looks when both colors are mixed together.

Band of Roses from In the Groove Collection (limited edition). This one is very pigmented and have a soft sheen to it. I love the pink shade. I think I did get this one from the CCO.

Bite of an Apple from the Disney Venomous Villains collection (limited edition). It`s a gorgeous coral red color. I don`t really reach for this blush and I`m not sure why. I barely scratched the surface of this blush. I do like it though.

Center of the Universe from the Heavenly Creature collection (limited edition). It is currently still available on MAC`s website. It looks like a soft burnt orange with slightly heavier shimmer. I still find it wearable and something I would mostly wear in the summer.

Dirty Plum from the Liberty of London collection (limited edition). I must admit that I bought quite a few pieces from this collection because the packaging was just too cute and I did like a lot of the shades that were released in this collection also. I actually found this one at the CCO. It is very pigmented and I know the swatch looks intimidating but if you use a light hand, you can make this work.

Gentle...Ahhh probably the only one that is not limited edition in my blush stash. This one is gorgeous and has a gold sheen to it.

Hang Loose from the In the Groove Collection (limited edition). I have 3 blushes from this collection and I love them all because they have such a nice smooth texture to them. You can use the lavender shade for highlight or mix it up with the pink shade and you get a soft shimmery blush. Love how versatile this is.

Happy Together from the In The Groove collection. Isn`t the name of this blush just groovy or what? lol. This works really well if you are going for the natural look. It will add just the right amount of color to naturally define your cheeks. Blush and highlight in one, gotta love that.

Ladyblush (limited edition). I actually don`t know which collection that was part of but I found it at the CCO and wanted to try out a creme blush. This is a lovely mauvy rose color that looks very natural.

On A Mission was from the Style Warrior collection (limited edition). I found this blush at the CCO and although it may not look that appealing on the swatch it is actually quite nice once it`s on the face. With a light hand, this can look very natural and flattering.

Prim & Proper from the Liberty of London collection (limited edition). This sold out before I even got a chance to take it home but lucky for me I found it at the CCO for less! It`s one of those shade I can never get tired of because it looks so natural and effortless. The pigmentation is just right so I dont have to worry about overapplying. It`s so fool proof, I can apply it with my eyes closed, lol.

Ring of Saturn from the Heavenly Creature collection (limited edition) but currently still available on MAC`s website. Soft shimmery peachy pink color with a hint of gold. Such a pretty color and I love the somewhat marblelized look. I`m surprised this one hasn`t sold out.

Stereo Rose from the In The Groove collection (limited edition). This is such a cult favorite. It sold out really fast. I thought it was just over-hyped but asked my ex boy-friend to get it for me anyways. It turned out that I liked it much more than I anticipated. It adds a soft peachy color to my cheeks with an iridescent pink sheen to it. Very beautiful.

So there you have it. My MAC blushes and swatches. My arm took a lot of beating from the swatches, lol. It was getting sore from all the wiping so I hope this post was somewhat helpful.

Which is your favorite MAC blush?

**Pictures and contents are mine. Do not use without permission.**

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