You brush the hair away from my face
You can make all the darkness fade
You had me feeling aright
We could walk down paths that led to nowhere
We got stuck on the ride at the county fair
You had those gentle goodbyes.

I go back to that porch step and where we first kissed
I take trips in my mind to that feeling of bliss
That was when you promised forever
But it seems like that means never.

You could always take something simple
Like a penny or a thimble
And treat like its pure gold
The crooked tooth behind you lips
And the poem on the napkin sounding like this
You had secrets left untold.

I go back to that prom night and fake eyelashes
And you promised me everything and I`m left with the ashes
That was when you told me we were forever
But it seems like that means never.

I keep on smiling
Even when the pain gets worse
I have to stay strong
Oh but baby it hurts
You broke all your promises and my heart
I guess us and forever were too spaced apart.

I go back to that time when you told me you lied
And everything disappeared before my eyes
That`s when I learned about forever
Oh that`s when I learned its never
You couldn`t show me forever.

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