The darkness whispers with its silhouettes
The air smells like cold regrets
And I am all alone.
The stars glisten just like my tears
The heart inside rips and becomes so sheer
And I can take this anymore.

The door slammed as you ran out
Flash back to when we screamed and shout
And this ring was supposed to promised you`d never leave.

The cold breeze picks up its taunting laugh
The memories all seem to fade to black
And I`m sitting here in your clothes.
This old house seems to creak even more
The dust just lingers on the floor
And so do the flowers that you gave me.

The rain poured harder as I cried out
This isn`t what love is supposed to be about
Oh when will I ever learn to not be naive.

I still feel your lips touching mine
Oh I still hear your voice when I cry
I can never have you but I need you here
Please give me one moment where you`re near.

I don`t want to burn out like all the rest
No I want to be on your mind when you undress
At the end of the day when you lay in bed
I want my name to be the only thing in your head.

The daytime finally comes around
But I`m still left here on the hard ground
I thought you`d come back to me.
The sunshine kisses me on the face
This startles me as I awake
I thought maybe it was you.

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