Lyndsay`s April Favorites

4 years ago

Shew! That time of month AGAIN! (monthly favorites, that is) I don`t have many items...again. I have been pretty loyal to the same handful of items. This past month has been chaos so I suppose I tend to reach for the same tried and true products when things are crazy and I just need something quick.
NAILS: /viz/essie-barefoot-blue /viz/milani-beach-front It would seem this month has been my month to be drawn to blue polishes. Last month it was corals. I find it funny that my favorites seem to cluster together in color family month to month.
EYES & CHEEKS: L`Oreal Infallible shadow in Amber Rush Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush in Warm On Easter day I actually got a few compliments on my eye makeup. It was a very simple look and the main shadow was this one. I think it just becomes more eye-catching because I have blue eyes and the color of this shadow pairs very nicely with blue eyes. As for the blush, it isn`t the most crazy pigmented blush, but I like that. It leaves a healthy sheen to the cheeks, too.
LIPS: L`Oreal Infallible lipstick in Summer Rose Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart Milani gloss in Fruit Punch I find Summer Rose to be a brighter pink, but not so much that it becomes unwearable. And it lasts SO long when I wear it. As it wears off it doesn`t fade all patchy and gross, either. Sweet Tart I like full force AND just dabbed on. When I put it on full force it is VERY bright but when I dab it on it gives a flushed, healthy look (I had a different way I described this but changed my wording, lollol!) that comes off as though it could be your natural coloring. Fruit Punch is a gloss but I like it because it has fantastic pigmentation! Some of the other Milani glosses aren`t so hot, but this one is nice.
MISC: Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry tea Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock w/SPF 30 Goody Spin Pins Every night before bed (or nearly every night) I make a mug of hot tea. I like these because they are caffeine free so I don`t have to worry about it keeping me awake. In fact I find them very relaxing and it helps get me ready for sleep. I add a bit of sugar and it is fantastic. I adore blueberry tea. I always have tried to make sure my moisturizers have sunscreen and in the summer wear an additional SPF but it became even more important this last month. My mother was just diagnosed as having melanoma. She had the patch of skin removed, and then they went back in and removed a larger, deeper patch around it to be certain they had gotten all of the cells. Because of this it has become even more important and serious for me to make sure I am protected. Even for short walks outside I make sure I put this on. I want to get one with a higher SPF when I run out. I put this on myself AND my son. I like it because it doesn`t have a strong smell. In fact it only has a SLIGHT sunscreen smell and mixed with the smell of lotion or moisturizer. Also, it absorbs into the skin nicely. It doesn`t leave a tacky or greasy feeling to my skin. It absorbs just as well as a regular moisturizer, which I appreciate. I don`t feel that my face is smothering under it. The final item is my Spin Pins. When I first got this I posted that they were too large for my thin, fine hair. They probably are, but I got them to work in a way that is perfect for my hair. The directions tell you NOT to cross them but I do. I screw one down into my bun and then take the second one at an angle and screw it in, crossing through the first...making an X in my bun. That holds my hair more secure than if I put them in parallel to each other. So, that is it.... my favorites from the month of April. On to May!!! I`d love to know your thoughts on my favorites and hear what products you`ve been using this past month.

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