Lyndsay H. Sweet Package, Thank You!

5 years ago

Awhile back, I sent /member/PixiePolish a little something since she was having trouble finding certain polishes and she is super kind enough to send me something back in return which I am greatly thankful about. If you don`t know, both Lyndsay and I are crazy about nail polishes, but I am glad she knows very well what I have and what I don`t have. I am glad I met such wonderful people here on LUUUX, and Lyndsay, you are one of them. Your kindness and support on here makes a girl like me smile & filled with happiness.
Here are the items that I received from Lyndsay:

  1. Studio M Honey Love is a lovely cream finish pastel peachy shade.

  2. Studio M Age of Aquarius is a bright green.

  3. Studio M Sweet Dreams is a beautiful pastel lavender.

  4. Studio M Drama Queen is stunning, it is packed with silver and red glitter.

  5. Sally Hansen Gem Crush Big Money is beautiful as well, I love the packed gold and purple glitter, what a great combination.

  6. CND Effects Amethyst Sparkle is a purple shimmer layering polish.

  7. CND Effects Gold Sparkle has some small gold shimmer and flakies.

  8. CND Effects Raspberry Sparkle is a golden purple shimmer.

I am so happy I got these polishes. I always wanted to try Studio M polishes since they aren`t available where I am and the CND ones aren`t available near me either unless I order online, then those Sally Hansen Gem Crush ones is always sold out around my area LOL! Thank you so much Lyndsay, I am super happy and you have such a kind heart!!!<33333 If you haven`t add her as friend or followed her, go do so now: /member/PixiePolish
Do you own any of these polishes? What do you think of them? Share your thoughts. (All images belongs to me, please do not take or use, thank you) Follow, Comment & Rate

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