Lymphatic Drainage Make at Home

What woman today do not want to have a beautiful body? Sculptural and well maintained? Today there are methods and methods to make this possible. One is the lymphatic drainage, a simple and natural that can make a big difference.
Lymphatic drainage massage is to the body in order to take the toxins and retained fluids by the body to the lymph, being eliminated in the urine, thus making a real clean up the body. This massage is great ally to combat the number one enemy of women: cellulite.
Contrary to what most people think, lymphatic drainage aids in no weight loss and no fat burning. What happens is that with the elimination of retained fluids, the body deflates and therefore loses measures.
How is a lymphatic drainage massage, as well as improve the appearance, it gives us other benefits. Aids in tissue regeneration, is indicated for postoperative edema, stimulates the immune process, and improves cellulite. Massage also is soothing and relaxing, it releases endorphins, the hormone responsible for feelings of well being. Anyone can receive this massage. Lymphatic drainage has only contraindication in cases of venous thrombosis and when you are undergoing cancer treatment.
The good news is that you can do the same massage on your body, this feature is perfect especially for those who do not have time to go to a clinic for aesthetic regularly. Let us learn to do a self draining?
Before starting the movement, choose a comfortable place to feel stimulated, if you prefer to stay in front of a mirror in the early days to confirm it is doing correctly. To maximize results, use cosmetics while containing assets such as massage, cocoa, caffeine, because they stimulate oxygenation of cells.
Take a few minutes in any part of the day 3 times a week to accomplish this massage that will bring you many benefits. Let the steps?
To heat: In the market there anticelulites creams, creams that aid fat loss and so on. Choose yours and just start.
Spread the cream of your choice in the hands and distribute on site, spread in a circular motion clockwise. The cream will help in better hands slip.
Stomach: A lot of women have a thin belly protruding with drainage this can be solved, since it can be belly retention.
With palms open and up against the sides of the abdomen, rub the skin as it passes a hand from one side to the other, alternating them. Continue with the process of going back and forth for about 2 minutes. Then immediately place the three middle fingers just above the navel, and then press the massage slowly round the umbilicus, spiral-shaped. The movement should start short and grow. Make five times. Place hands on hips press the skin and pretend you are squeezing the belly. Let your hands slide until they are at the navel. Repeat this movement also five times.
On the right side of the abdomen with the hands placed diagonally, pinch a thick skin, as if peeling it. Gradually, go to the center of the belly giving pinches all the way. When you reach the middle, continue to move down towards the groin. Do the massage so that the whole region stimulated side and center stand. Repeat also to the other side.
Legs and butt: Where are concentrated terrible cellulite, give enough attention to the movements there.
Resting your foot on a bench and, with your fingers, pinch the skin with your hands, ankle to the knee, as if placing a pantyhose. Then do the massage from the thigh to the groin and buttocks. Make 12 times.
Use the three middle fingers to find the exact dobrinha your butt. Make a moderate pressure with your fingers and average indicator and climb them slowly, until you get near the waist. Repeat 8 times.
To finish the massage, spend a good cream and wrap with plastic film and aluminum foil to increase the action of the product, remove after 15 minutes.
Let the lazy side saw? I am a living proof of laziness for those things that require a bit of dedication to the body. Writing the article encouraged me to try to do the massage again.
After a few sessions of these massages your body will always be relaxed and in time you`ll see beautiful results.

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