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Lychee!!! I love lychee!! I wish I had a lychee tree!! Okay enough So this fruit is seasonal where I live and I only get it during the summer. There are different kinds of lychee depending on where it`s grown. And sadly, I have to be careful of what kind I get and I always stick to this kind, the one you see in the pics. There was this kind I ate at my parents place and I don`t know why but they always get that kind; I forgot where those lychee orignated from; but anyways, I found out after eating one that I was allergic to it. My throat felt like it had something lodged in it. The skin to that kind is a darker red and it`s red all over. It`s not like this one where there is some green and red spots. And the ones I`m allergic to has this really dull looking skin, I mean, if you haven`t seen those before you would`ve thought those lychees had gone bad. And anyways, I prefer the taste of the lychess I always buy. The funny thing was my parents didn`t believe I was allergic to that certain kind until I went over to their house a second time and ate it again. Same thing happened, so I was like see! I also love to stick these in the fridge for a couple hours before I eat them. One more cool thing about lychees is that you can actually play with the skin, not the most outer layer skin. It`s the skin beneath the most outer layer. My dad showed me that if I turn the skin inside out and blow in it and grab it by the ends, I can make a little balloon out of it. Then you can pop it. I just did that today and boom, popped it! Cool huh!
Do you like lychees?

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