LV at the Thrift Store?!?!

4 years ago

So I decided to go to my local Savers store (aka Thrift stores) because I had a specific item in mind. I was actually on the hunt for a fitted jean/denim jacket so that I could purposely cut the sleeves off to make a denim vest jacket.... ANYWAYS.... so while I was there, I spotted these Louis Vuitton Speedy bags. For a price tag of $49.99 each you would think that I would be crazy not snag these up immediately right??? Well, unfortunately I DID NOT buy it because after a close and thorough inspection of the bags, I soon realized that they were fake. I mean if you check the tan handles, there should be a gradual discoloration where it begins to turn an ugly orangy brown color. The handles on the Azur (white) speedy bag also looked longer than what I remembered. Even more obvious then that, there were reddish colored dry glue dripping off the seams. The tags said "made in France". Um, shouldnt it say "Paris"... hmmmm not positive bout that though. I mean the overall feel of the bags felt like leather but I just figured it was one of those "to good to be true" moments. Also, there were other groups of girls there that were feeling the bags but they didnt buy as well. Hopefully I was correct on my assumptions. So the question is?..... Would you have bought these replica bags? I would have kicked myself if these were actually authentic =(.

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