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At the end of November, I ordered a Lux Addiction i phone case. It was a Christmas present from my grandma. I must say, I don`t know if I would have paid it myself. The prices are kind of high, but that`s because this company does AMAZING work. All orders are custom and hand made. They are made from SWAROVSKI crystals and other gems and sequences.

I originally seen this on someone`s youtube channel and instantly fell in love. I then went to the website and found several cases that I might be interested in. Since it was around the holidays, they were a little busy. When purchasing, they said that it will take a few extra weeks to process and make due to high volume.

I ended up getting this after Christmas time, but still one of my favorite gifts of the year. Regular price online says $109.95 special price was $79.95. I actually dug and found an online coupon code for 10% off which made my total come out to $71.95. I felt a little better but still I thought 70 bucks for a cell phone case yikes!

But let me tell you, it`s worth the investment. If you want to stand out from a crowd Lux Addiction is the way to do it. It comes in a little pouch wrapped up and with a little plastic bag with some spare gems in case they fall off.

Negative Thoughts:

I was so excited to put it on my phone right away, when I tried snapping it in, I accidentally knocked off a little tiny black gem where my thumb pushed it in. So I was instantly mad. But since the case itself was painted black , I couldn`t even tell. It does also make your phone a little bulky. So if you don`t mind carrying a little extra weight around go ahead and buy.

Side note: I was so careful with my phone that week, because I wanted to make sure I wouldn`t knock off any stones. I had to put my phone on the screen side down when I layed it down on tables and such. I wish I had some sort of protective sleeve, to not damage the phone while in my purse.

Overall thoughts: Great quality, doesn`t look cheap or tacky. Holds up pretty well. So unique and different. But not 100% sure it`s worth the price. And you need to buy something to keep the phone in, in order to protect it from breaking in your purse or pocket.

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