Luuux`s bday present + order review!

5 years ago

A week ago, I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and luuux was so nice to treat me to a birthday present, isn`t that lovely? Well, sort of. The truth is: The night of my birthday, I got notified that my 1st order (an iPod nano 8GB from the luuux shop) got completed, and
today, only a week later, it arrived at my house in Austria. Yaaay! Since I`m pretty sure most of you guys know what an iPod does and how it works, I`m going to focus on reviewing the process order in detail. First of all:
LUUUX IS LEGIT I`ve gotta admit that from the day I joined this community (May 2011) until the day I received my order (today), I`ve always been a little sceptical, even after reading people`s positive reviews. Well let me tell you, receiving a free Apple product at my doorstep today pretty much convinced me that luuux is `real`. Order created: 01/17/2012 Order processed: 01/23/2012 Order completed: 01/31/2012 Order received: 02/06/2012 Luuux spent on the iPod nano 8B: 11,448 Luuux spent on shipping to Austria (supplier based in Spain): 579 All in all, it took a little less than three weeks until the order received at my house - not bad considering the fact that I live in Austria. Three days after I placed my order, I received a message from the very helpful /member/s-mak kindly asking me to fix three of my sources. I can only stress that if you want your order to go through smoothly, make sure all your post are properly sourced. (
Read: Tumblr, Weheartit Google, Stumbleupon are NOT accepted as Sources (by Brooklyn Mak) Soon after I took care of my sources, lovely Ana from the luuux shop contacted me via e-Mail, asking which color I would prefer for my iPod, and only a day later, my order started processing, meaning that it went through an
audit process, checking whether or not I earned all my luuux $ fairly. To be 100 % honest, I was a little nervous about that - I always tried to comply to all the rules, but you never know, right? Gladly, I didn`t lose a single luuux $, and on Jan. 31st, my order finally got completed.
Upon request, I received the UPS tracking number from Ana, so I could get a rough idea when to expect my package - it was scheduled to arrive on the 6th, and so it did. :) Well, so much for my `short` review haha, I hope I helped those who are yet to place their first order to get prepared for the whole process. :) I`m now back to roughly 4000 luuux, and my next goal is to
earn a present for my brother , which is either gonna be a pair of Ray Bans, a Nintendo DS or another iPod, since his iPod classic just stopped working. :/ xo
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