Luuux, you beyond disappoint

3 years ago

I am infuriated and beyond disappointed with Luuux. I have been a member since 2010 and up until the absolutely ridiculous changes at the beginning of the year...was a VERY active member, posting every single day. I have ordered several items in the past and had no issues. I defended when several waves of changes through the years came through... that`s all changed. I have nothing but a sour taste for Luuux.

It is 100% UNACCEPTABLE to charge a customer in exchange for a product and then never send the product and not respond to emails when the customer asks for updates.

It has been just shy of 2 months since I placed my latest order. I paid for a bottle of the Ralph Lauren Blue for women and have yet to see the product arrive.... yet I definitely see the deducted amount for the product from my bank account. The last email I received was a month ago saying they do recognize that my order has completed but the shipper hasn`t sent my product out and they`d update when they know more. You`re seriously going to tell me that a company who has received payment is just going to hold onto a customers product FOR OVER A MONTH?! Not likely. So, I waited a couple more weeks and emailed, demanding some sort of update. Absolutely nothing was their response... no email, assuring a concerned customer that they`re doing their best to remedy the situation or look into it further, find out what the hold up is. Absolutely nothing. So... I emailed 1 week ago. Guess what my response has been? Still nothing!

When you accept money from a customer it is your DUTY as the company to follow through with that exchange and send the product. I`m certainly not paying you for having good customer service or a reliable company any longer.

As of this coming Monday, I am going to be forced to issue a dispute of fraudulent charges to my account seeing as I still have no product 2 months later, and I am dealing with a company who apparently has no desire to explain to me (the customer) where my money has gone and why it has been taken in exchange for absolutely nothing.

What is really disappointing is that I know in the past I`ve had no problems with their customer service. If I had a problem, it was fixed quickly. I even ordered something from here about 3 months ago, and it arrived LITERALLY 2 weeks after I placed my order. Soo.... what is the hold up this time around, and why the lack of communication?!

When you have an angry customer, a company shouldn`t play the silent treatment. Get your tail out from between your legs, step up, and learn some communication and situation diffusion skills. Communicate with the customer to assure them they aren`t being taken advantage of and money pulled from their account for a product they will never see.

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