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3 years ago

I had a few questions the other day that I`d wanted to address so I posted them to the Luuux`s Facebook Page. So I figured I`d post those Q&A I got here because I`m sure many other users are curious about these same things. If you the same questions now they`re answered and If you have some that were not I will link Luuux`s facebook page down below so you can ask them. Enjoy :)

Q: Is Luuux ever going to come out with a Android+IOS app?
I remember Luuux talking about doing such a thing a few years back but nothing ever came of it. I know the site is now smartphone friendly but it would be so awesome to have an app to blog on for quick access and to the sites feeds and posting on the go! I think it would be the next step in making luuux not only a place for blogging but a great social media outlet.

A: Thanks for your input regarding the app - this may come in the future, but at the moment we are focusing on getting the website to work perfectly.

Q: When will we be able to edit old posts? Since luuux has adapted to a hashtag system, I`d really like to know when editing will be back online.

A: We are looking into reintroducing the editing function at some point in the future. Untill then we are doing this manually if it is very necessary. Regarding the hashtags, we have converted the old tags into hashtags, so if your old post had tags, then it will still show up in the search by the same hashtags.

Q: Will luuux be adding the old categories back and will it be adapting new ones? As the sites new revamp is only showing five categories at the moment and the past site did have a few more.

A: We have slimmed the number of universes down on purpose. However, if there is demand for it we will be open for introducing new ones or reintroducing old ones, so let us know if there are any universes in particular you miss!

Q: Will the new shop only have gift cards or will their be a mix of cards and items?

A: The shop is still on the drawing board and we cant say anything definitive about its contents yet, but in the beginning we will only have gift cards.

Q: Also what is the USD to Luuux dollar ratio now that the points have changed? How does that change translating with how the prizes are priced in Luuux dollars?

A: The exchange rate is exactly the same as it was before the re-launch - we have promised to never change this and we stand by our word. The only thing that has changed is what you do to earn Luuux$. You can read more about this in How it works in your menu.

What are some of the things you like or even dislike about the new Luuux revamp? Leave a comment below cuz I`d love to know!

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