Luuux Prize- Sigma Ultimate Brush Set Received

4 years ago

Im super excited to share with you what I got from LUUUX. This really shipped out super-fast and arrived a week after my order was completed. Originally Im not going to lie I joined Luuux to save up for the Sigma Ultimate Brush Set, but as you become a luuuxer you find out its pretty darn addicting to be on Luuux. I am also so tempted to go out a buy all of the makeup products that has good reviews or to run out and order a whole table of food looking at all the wonderful things other people eat. I am pretty happy to say that even though I currently dont have a goal in mind for Luuux at the moment I love blogging and reading peoples post and give them support for their efforts.
Back to Topic: I will definitely review this set for you guys after I try it out for 2 weeks so I do want to give my full honest opinion.
The total prize costed around 23,494, however I was refunded around 2,000 points for not getting the Cleansing and Polishing tool.
Here is How the order went:
05/19/12- Order Created
05/29/12- Processing
05/30/12- Completed

-It took around less then 1 week to arrive.
I didnt lose a single point during the process. To be honest I was extremely scared because I love to comment on others post so I thought my points would be taken away, but its a great thing everything turned out well. Overall, thats it for now! Thank you so much for reading this and those who helped me along the way I am so grateful to you <3
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