Luuux Package came broken...

4 years ago

So awhlie back i ordered this sigma set from luuux and it came in the mail broken..
i tried to contact sigma and luuux..
but sigma said they had no record of the order or my address and then when i contacted luuux they asked for pictures of the product and i sent them this exact photo and they never got back to me..
i still tried emailing them afterwards to get an update..
but still nothing,..
so luuux if you see this post can you please email me back :)

It just sucks because im afraid to use it cuz there could be pieces of glass in the eyeshadows,..then if i go to put it on my eye...then what?
i know its not like i actually paid for it..but i did spend alot of time luuux to get this...
i think maybe its not a big issue to them? but if i could at least get a response saying there is nothing they can do then i would be happier than not hearing anything at all..
but what do you guys think about this situation..
should i still try to contact,..or just drop it and throw the product away?..
thx for reading my post..
i look forward to hearing from you :)


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