Luuux Order No 3 is here! Michael Kors MK5430 Runway Rose Gold Watch

Im so excited and happy! I think everyone whos ordered from Luuux at least once knows the feeling Im talking about its like your dreams come true! Getting the thing you want the most for free, just doing what you like, blogging, is absolutely fantastic! THANK YOU LUUUX FOR EXISTING AND MAKING OUR LIFES HAPPIER! So as you can tell, this time I got a Michael Kors watch! Ive been wanting such a watch for a while now and luckily I ordered it a day before it disappeared from the shop. Lucky me! This is what happened: 05/19/2012 Order created 05/29/2012 Processing 06/19/2012 Completed It took so much for the order to be processed because the watch I originally ordered (dunno exactly the model but it was the Rose Gold one from the shop) wasnt in stock so on 19th of June, the lovely Ana from the Luuux shop emailed me and said that the same style wont be available sooner and I was given an alternative, Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch model MK5430. I decided to get this one as it looked prettier and I actually liked it better than the one I first ordered. Thank you so much Ana for everything! Ana sent me the tracking number and on Friday I was supposed to receive the watch. But I guess because it was Friday, the carrier decided not to bring it to me and say I wasnt home You bad man! So early today, I sent an email to the carrier company and asked what was going on and when Ill get my watch. They replied quickly and gave me the mans phone number. In the afternoon I called him and asked when I was going to receive my package??? Finally at 5PM this baby was MINE!!! Sorry for the quality of the pictures but I was too excited to look at the watch and it got dark outside so taking pictures at artificial light aint the best thing to do for me Anyways, Im happy!!! The band is a bit big for my wrist so Ill have to take off a link or two. As for tech specs, here are a few things about this watch: chronograph 2 Year Warranty Durable mineral crystal protects watch from scratches Stainless Steel Case 10 ATM, Water-resistant for up to 100 meters The watch came from Amazon, from a company called Broadway Watches and I DIDNT HAVE TO PAY A THING.
I got a Michael Kors watch for FREE.
I want to thank you all for your support and for reading and commenting on my posts and I also like to thank the moderator that actually audited my account
(I actually dont know who did it ) And I also like to thank /member/liliana-lopez for answering my questions whenever I needed help. This time I didnt lose any points, how cool is that? I wrote my own posts, I used my own words and my crappy pics but it was totally worth it! My other orders were: 1. /viz/my-sigma-brush-kit-pink 2. /viz/ipad-2-from-the-luuux-shop Thank you again Luuux! *the tech infos are from the source link*

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