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4 years ago

Yes! I have finally received my second Luuux order: my Clarisonic Mia!

I am so excited that I finally have this. I got it in blue.

Actually it was a bit funny because the box it arrived in was from I was completely and utterly confused because I didn`t remember ever ordering from and it was a rather large package! I kept thinking it was a bomb and it was going to explode or something if I opened it. I slowly opened it and saw my clarisonic mia and immediately went crazy.

Not only did it come with my Clarisonic Mia but a rather good sized bag of a crapload of samples! So of course, the clarisonic mia came with the brush head attached, the charger and the cleanser. Standard of what you`d expect to get. I have yet to use it but I will use it tonight and will probably do a review post about a month from now.

The bag of samples as I said, had a crapload of it. It has a drdennisgross Alpha Beta Glow pad which is a exfoliating self tenner sheet. There was a Murad clarifying cleanser, a Nick Chavez volumizing mist, an H2O+ sea salt hydrating body butter, the Ojon damage reverse restorative conditioner, a dr.brandt flexitone bbcream, a juice beauty antioxidant serum (very small only .17 fl oz), a jonathan dirt texturizing paste, a too faced lashgasm mascara, and a stila liquid liner in indigo.

Of the samples I am most excited to try the bbcream, mascara, and eyeliner. I have a lot of bbcreams and I always like trying out new ones so I was really excited to see this other one in my sample bag. Of course I usually try asian bbcreams but always open to try new ones. I`ve heard some nice things about lashgasm as well so I`m glad I get to try that mascara and the indigo eyeliner looks absolutely beautiful.

I am not as familiar with the other brands for the other skincare items so I may or may not try them. I may give them away to a friend or something but we`ll see.

This is my second Luuux order which they were MUCH faster with this time around. Sorry if you got bored reading this post expecting more on the Clarisonic Mia but I`m really just showing what I got in the mail in this post. A review will come later on when I have used it more.

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