Luuux Minecraft: Day 1

4 years ago

I spawned in a new world and started off gathering wood. Once I had enough wood I made a crafting bench to craft some tools. I started with a wooden pickaxe which I used to mine some stone and coal. I used to make a stone sword and stone axe. I used the axe to gather some more wood and I soon found a pig. I named him Jim. Jim died shortly after I named him. He had a good, short life. R.I.P. Jim. Your bacon was much appreciated. Soon the sun was setting and I quickly scrambled to make a shelter but all I could make in time was a small 4x4 home. It barely fit me, my crafting table, and newly crafted furnace. I started digging to find some ore since I didn`t want to risk going outside at night and fighting the monsters. I dug for quite a while and found a cave system. There was a skeleton in there but I made short work of it and killed it. I found some more coal and some iron. Once I made it back up to my house it was light outside.

What do you do when you start a new Minecraft world?

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