Luuux Meet Up at Crown Fountain!

4 years ago

As you can see, two of the more famous members of Luuux who can`t actually write posts yet (though crispy is training him hard) met up at the Crown Fountain in Chicago. Crown Fountain is located in Millennium Park, which I had to look up since Crispy the native Chicagoan didn`t know the name of it. It`s basically a sculpture and public play area open around the clock. Since our hotel was very close to this area, we actually hung out here several times during our trip to just unwind.

There are basically two sculptures in each side with a shallow pool of water inbetween (like an inch deep just to get your feet wet). During certain times of the day you`ll see different faces on each sculpture with every so often, water coming out making it look like the person`s face is spitting out the water! It`s very cool and definitely worth a visit!

Talk the TALK
1) Have you ever visited Crown Fountain and got wet?
2) Did you confuse Evangeline and the big brown dog Clifford with Emiliy Elizabeth and the big red dog Clifford?

Pictures are mines.

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