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4 years ago

I`m not sure if all of you received an email, but I received an email from Luuux the day they opened their shop website for an offer of 9,000$ Luuux or their Limited Edition Brushes. I opted for the brushes, because I was interested in them after seeing several Luuuxers blog about them. This won`t be a review blog post but for now let`s just put it plain and simple I`m glad that I choose this in the end! There are some brushes that do shed and bleed and some particular brushes that are really prickly at first, but after the first initial wash the brushes work perfectly fine. Would I recommend it personally if you wanted these with the Luuux points? Probably not unless you do have the 100,000 Luuux and have nothing else you want to spend it on. I feel like there are better brushes out there, but if you are given an option between the 9,000 points or the Luuux Brush set (if you don`t have many brushes anyways) I would definitely recommend getting these a try. The actual black case that it comes with isn`t too impressive with the quality or anything. To be honest, I find it rather flimsy, but it does it`s job. I will most likely be doing an in-dept review in the following month :)

As i`ve said I will state my opinions on the new Luuux shop. I perfectly understand that many of you are angry at the fact that Luuux hasn`t been responsive during the months they the shop broke down, and everyone turned to leave at that point. Now that they do return the Shop is crazy expensive. I myself am quite disappointed with the prices as well, but I do understand that Luuux probably doesn`t make too much money as we think they do. The shop links that they include most likely doesn`t sell any items or if very little. Luuux is an honest site and isn`t a scam. I personally would be able to verify this because I was able to get 2 prizes from them, and I started on Luuux with zero clue or help from anyone. I`m not telling any of you to change your mindset if you choose to stay or leave, but personally I will be staying. Why? I meet such kind Luuuux members on here and I would be sad to loose touch with that. I did however, make an extra blog post just in case things turn south. Links down below if you are interested in following me there. The prizes now are harder to reach then before if you have the mindset on getting a prize. However, Luuux is a great blogging community and if you are going to blog anyway why not and there is additional point perks. Sure you won`t be recieving any prizes soon, but Luuux does keep you notified with upcoming sales and excellent reviews! These are the reasons why I am staying and I hope that maybe you will as well :)
<Strong> Did you recieve a Luuux email? What did you end up choosing? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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