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4 years ago

This probably is the longest experimenting stage for a review that I`ve ever took up. I`ve received this for a couple of months now, and want to give you my fullest and honest review. Funny fact about these brushes is the claim of Limited Edition when these brushes will truly stay on Luuux for a long time! I was only given the opportunity to try these brushes out after Luuux sent an apology note for having their shop inactive for a length of 8 months. You either had the choice of choosing to redeem for Luuux points or try out their brushes. I`ve been needing a few more brushes for my collection for a while now so I went ahead and got the brushes instead of the points. Shipping came really quickly and I was able to receive the brushes after a week of being confirmed of the shipment. The item came from the U.S so that may be the reason why the item came so quickly! Now moving onto the brush review.

There is a total of 12 brushes that came in total in this brush kit. Along with that you have the actual brush case which is fake leather. It has a strong scent at first and the casing itself is a little flimsy. The metal clasp on the case is really secure and tight though. I would have no worries travling with this brush case. You are able to fit a few more items into this case since there is a few extra slots. There is one zipper along the case to store any additional makeup products that you want to carry. Of course the wording Luuux is engraved on the brush kit case. Out of the brushes that I received from Luuux there is actually only two that I use on a daily basis. The other brushes are not items I reach out for as often.

L150 (Large Powder)- This brush is not as dense as my Sigma F30 which is the reason why I do not use this as a daily powder brush for myself, however it will be able to suit the purpose if you choose to use it that way. The brush bristles forms a C shape which is standard with most brushes. Comparing this to the Elf`s C powder brush this brush performs better in quality as there is more bristles and dense. The brush bristles of this brush is very soft in quality and I don`t feel like it is prickly or hurts my face in any way. This brush did have an issue of a strong scent at first, but with continual washes the scent went away completely. The first wash was really terrifying for me since so many bristle hair fell out Iw as afraid this brush set was completely simple as put it trash. Luckily, however, after a few washes the bristle hairs does not fall out anymore.This brush still bleeds to this day, but my F30 still does as well so that is not an issue I am concerned with. I personally use this to apply bronzer; the reason for that is because this is great for apply a good amount of bronzer on my face yet since it is fluffy and dense it doesn`t create a noticeable line on my face. I have tried this for powder, but I prefer my Sigma F30 over this for that option. This is one of my everyday brushes.

L116 (Blush Brush)- The purpose Luuux claims this brush is good for is something I completely disagree with. This brush is not as soft as the powder brush, but soft enough that it does not feel prickly on the skin in any way.The brush is very dense and fluffy, however the shape of this brush is very small in size so it would love a concentrated blush amount on your face if you were to use this for your blush. I do enjoy this brush, however for applying on highlighter. This brush`s density and small shape is great for applying on highlighter on the small section of your face and cupid`s bow so I find it is perfect for that use. If you are someone who prefers to have a percise application of bronzer I think this may be used for that as well. Depending on the person I personally don`t like bronzer lines to be too noticeable, but I have seen YouTube gurus use small brushes similar to this to apply their bronzer. Similar to the powder brush this did bleed on me and have a bunch of hair fall outs, but after a while the hair stopped falling out, but it still continues to bleed. This has become one of my everyday brushes.

L190 (Foundation Brush)- There really isn`t much good or bad to say about this brush. Unlike the other face brushes this did not cause any bleeding, strong scent, or lost hairs. The bristles of this brush is slightly stiff, but not to the point of EcoTool`s Foundation brush which was super stiff and uncomfortable on the skin. This did leave foundation streaks, but very minimal and can easily be fixed. In all honesty I hate using foundation brushes like this for my own foundation so I often do not use it at all. In quality compared to the Sigma Foundation Brush this is not as soft or dense. Do I recommend this brush ? Probably not, but I don`t hate it either.

L187 (Stippling Brush)- I actually am a fan of this brush! I feel like I prefer this over my Sigma Stippling brush. The bristles are much shorter on this brush than the Sigma Stippling brush which allows for more precision in foundation application. The brush bristles are not as soft compared to the Sigma one (it`s rather a little, but not too stiff). This brush is not too dense, but has enough density for its purpose. First wash this as well did cause loose hairs but did not bleed surprisingly!

L195 (Concealer Brush)- I don`t love or hate this product. Once again neutral. This brush is very stiff and not as soft. With concealer application this does leave streaks but you can fix it just with time. It reminds me more of a painter brush than an actual concealer brush. Washing was perfect.

L242 (Eyeshadow Brush)- Neutral. This brush suits it`s purpose. You definitely can use it to pack on eyeshadow, however the brush is very stiff and the bristles are not too soft (but not to the point of prickly and hurting). I feel like this would be comparible to the Elf regular eyeshadow brush. Suits it`s purpose,but in no way the best. Washing was perfect.

L208 (Angled Eyeliner Brush)- Neutral depending on how you use this brush. When I first received this brush it was very stiff. I used my fingers to move the brush left and right to break off the glue that was used to keep the brush in it`s stiff position. Using this brush as an eyeliner brush will be your worst nightmare. The brush is too slanted and large for that purpose. The brush bristles reminds me of eco-tools in quality of some recycled material of some sort (almost like paper hairs in a way.) I use this myself on my brows. Depending on your brows and brow shape this may not work on you. Since I have larger brows the strokes aren`t noticeable and it`s large enough to not take me a long time filling in my brows comparied to Sigma`s Angled Eyeliner brush. Washing was perfect. This is one of my everyday brushes.

L224 (Blending Shadow Brush)- I actually really love this brush! It`s your standard blending brush but since it is dommed and smaller in size it allows me to easily blend in a precise location on my asian eyes. Depending on the eye shape it may not be for you. The brush bristles are really soft as well and the brush is also fluffy. Not prickly on my eyes at all. Washing was perfect.

I`m stopping here. The leftover 4 brushes in Sigma`s line 1 I`ve lost sadly (the lip liner brush) and the other 3 eyeshadow brushes I`ve thrown away. To be completely honest with you those three brushes with the white hairs are extremely horrible. I`m not sure what the brush hairs are made out of but they are so prickly on the eyes! Likewise they were not fluffy as well. So to simply put it `trash`. I would hate to describe such negative words on anything, but I won`t sugercoat it just because I receive these brushes for free. The packaging of these brushes are nice and fine in quality. The brush `wand` is matte and like any other brushes. The handle portion is made of metal and looks classy in quality. The quality truly is a hit or miss on these brushes. I really love some and find them perfect. Others are okay they work, but are not amazing or rave worthy. Then there are some that just in no other words to describe it suck. Would I use my own money to purchase these brushes? Not likely, but I am glad that I have them since the 3 brushes that I use on a daily basis are the ones I really enjoy. To sum it all up if you have the opportunity to get them for free then go for it, but if you had to go out to spend your own money to spend $100 dollars for this I would single handly recommend the sigma brushes over these.

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