Luuux is Great, Guys!!!!

4 years ago

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to say something about this website and why I like it so much. I`ve seen a lot of people complaining lately and I just wanted to tell something to you guys that might change your minds.

A while ago I placed an order here for the ultimate sigma package and I was super excited to get it! yay Especially because it is one of the few items that they ship to my country. But the thing is, when my package arrived here in order to get it I would have to pay $500 in taxes. I kid you not, people. It sucks living where I live. Brazil is such an unfair country LOL they won`t let us have anything here it`s an absurd and I just hate the taxes here. That was the amout of money I would have to pay for the package, so, of course, I had to get it shiped back to sigma, because i did the math and if I had bought the package it would have cost me something about $300.
Anyways I sent an e-mail for the luuux store about my oder and Ana, a very kind and helpful attendent, told me that the package went back to sigma and that they would give back my points as soon as they got the money from the order back. An so they didi it. I have my points back and I`m super happy about it. I just thought that they would never give the points back to me, since it was my fault, because they say in the shop that some products can have taxes and luuux is not responsible for them, so I was super aware that i could not have the points back when I had the package bag to sigma, but the good surprise was that they gave me the points back yay!
So, I just want to say that I really like this website, and people should be glad that they found it, because it`s such a fun way to blog and in the end we can get free stuff, so this is amazing!!! Just play by the rules and don`t be rude to people that are trying to help you :)

And so far I got so many good things from here: I got and ipod touch 64 giga, an ipod nano and sigma brushes. Now I don`t know what to do with my points... but i really wanted that sigma ultimate package :( LOL

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