Luuux has become pointless.

4 years ago

I`ve made a few post similar to this one in the past but I don`t know if you guys who follow my luuux page have noticed, I only do so when I`ve seen there`s been a problem with Luuux.

So far I`ve noticed that,

Prices have sky rocketed and gone up to the extreme.
You now have to pay for shipping WITH YOUR OWN MONEY.
Certain posts are now, not allowed to be posted.
People are posting irrelevant things that`re violating the rules but still have a huge number of points.
Prizes have been taken away from the prize board.
Luuux has become sh*tty.

Now, I`ve been a luuuxer for quite some time now (est. 2010) and when I first started Luuux I Loved it. The prices were great, the prizes were even greater, and the sources and posts that were being posted were extremely helpful, tipful, and convenient. After I noticed that the prices started to change I then began to fall back a little from Luuux, after I had made a complaint about the prices. I came back about 8 months later to notice that prices went up even higher, and prizes had been extracted from the prize list. At that point I had no reason to really be on Luuux because the prize I wanted was no longer on there. I then left luuux again and came back 5 months later, noticed they put some of the prizes back but to also notice that prices were raised again. I knew it wasn`t me that was tripping so I made another post to see if I had been the only one to have noticed these HUGH price changes in the items. And of course I wasn`t. But it had also came to my attention that we now (instead of paying with our luuux buxx like we were always doing) we had to pay for shipping with our own money. . . .

Yes, with our own money!
Now I understand that in order to run a site like this you need extra cash due to the wide number of people that are joining. But what I`m not understanding is, why tell people to have people sign up if you`re only going to make our luuux experience much more harder by raising the prices on our prizes and taking prizes off the list?! -_-

To me this site has turned into a duplicate of, Lockers. Which by the way is THE WORST PTS to even sign up for.

Thanks Luuux. :)

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