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4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers!

I have a question and do not know what to do. Last week I got the PS3 that I was expecting, but was not quite what I was waiting for ... instead of sending me the PS3 with the move pack (two moves commands + camara + Sports Champions game) (image 2), they have sent only PS3 of 320 Gb (image 1).
I have sent email to luuux shop, but so far no answer.
I wonder if any of moderators could help me.

P.S.: The PlayStation cost 25.200 Luuux + the cost Shipping was 855 luuux and that adds Luuux 26.055.
My order number was 18723 and was created to be processed 07/03/2012, started to be processed on 07/06/2012 and on 07/10/2012 the order was complete and finally I received the PlayStation 3 on 07/16/2012 .

I would appreciate an answer.

Image 1 - source link
Image 2 -

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