Luuux eye brushes

5 years ago

Hey everyone :)
these are the eye brushes that came in the luuux brush roll!!

I got

Number one:
(not a hundred percent sure what this is for, i just use it for quickly putting eyeshadow on and then blending it a tiny bit)

Number two:
Blending brush. (This is by far my favourite one) :)

Number three:
eyeliner brush ( I use it for gel eyeliner )

number four:
Small shading brush not a hundred percent sure what this is for :P I use it for applying eyeshadow to my lid :)

Number five:
Pencil brush

Number six:
another brush for putting eyeshadow on the lid haha I dunno i never had brushes before, i need to look in to it :)

these are all dirty because i have used them haha and they`re all such good quality :)

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