5 years ago

As you can see from the title, I am back to nag & vent about Luuux`s stupid Captchas ONCE AGAIN!

I haven`t really been getting luuux lately due to the stupid captchas! Its like I have to keep redoing captchas for 5 minutes straight to post ONE short comment on ONE post. It`s ridiculous!

I`m pretty sure that everyone on this site, is pretty damn human to where you don`t need the stupid captchas ! -_-

they`re super flipping annoying, and if an alternative doesn`t come at hand I`m thinking Luuux will be looking forward to having one less person on their team. -_____-

Like geezh , man there could be other things to resort to people being liable to post comments. -_- like watching a 5 minute ad video or something.

I`d rather do that do that than put in stupid catchas !

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