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3 years ago

I`m very excited to be reviewing the brushes today because this is the first brush set I have ever had! I was notified of winning the brush set and within a week, the brushes had arrived at my house! The set contains 12 brushes neatly placed inside a brush bag. I have to say that the bag used to hold there brushes are really cute! It resembles a clutch and if it wasn`t a brush bag, I could see myself carrying this cute bag around around! The bag is made of a super soft and seems pretty strong, though I know it isn`t leather. The bag is held together with a silver clasp.

When you open the bag and unroll it, you will notice that there are 12 brushes neatly placed into slots- 5 face brushes, 6 eye brushes, and 1 lip brush.There are 4 empty slots for you to put your own brushes which I like a lot. The brushes are all super soft, but they do tend to shed a bit. I`m sure the shedding will stop with more uses though.

L150- This is a large powder brush and is perfect for applying loose powder products. The brush is very dense with a rounder top.

L187- This brush is very pretty and it looks like it is best for applying a light layer of powders or even for brushing away excess makeup. I really like the design of this brush since it`s black and white, quite dense and super soft!

L116- This is the blush brush and is perfect for applying and shaping blush onto your face. It`s not too dense which is ideal since you don`t want to end up with too much blush on your cheeks! Sadly though, I don`t wear blush this often so I personally don`t see myself using this one that often.

L190- This is the foundation brush from luuux. This brush isn`t too thick and has less bristles than the others. The brush is quite stiff which is nice for getting more coverage.!

L224- This is the eye shadow brush. It`s a bit smaller and from experience, it seems to be ideal for picking up cream based products as opposed to loose powder. It picks up color very nicely and blends it well too!

L217- This brush is interesting. I`m actually not really sure what it is suppose to be used for.. It`s a nice brush nevertheless. It seems shorter in length than the other brushes, but the bristles are all very soft. You could possible use it for blending maybe?

L195- This is the concealer brush in the set. The brush is a tanish color as opposed to black or white and I actually really love this brush. It`s used to apply concealer and I find it to work very well when applying concealer to the under eye area.

L239- This brush is perfect for shading and blending powders onto your skin. It`s pretty stiff and like the other brushes, it is very soft.

L208- This is an angled brush and is prefect for doing your eyeliner or eyebrows. The only thing I have to say though is that the brush might not be stiff enough to do eyeliner, at least for me since I always tightline. It is very nice though for drawing your eyebrows though!

L219- Again, I am not exactly sure what this brush is for, but I personally use it for defining my eye crease with shadow. It`s very percise and stiff, but not quite as angled as the L208 so I can`t use it to do my eyeliner.

L242- This brush is very versatile. It could be used for applying eyeshadow or if you want to pack on foundation/ concealer, this brush is prefect. I really love this brush as it does pick up a lot of product when you need it too!

L316- This brush is probably the one that I am the most excited about! It`s very unique and the design behind it is amazing. It`s a lip brush and actually resembled a mini bullet hehe. Once you open the case, you nice that there is a mini brush inside used for applying lip color. The brush is very stiff and the perfect size for your lips. The little carrying case keeps everything sanitary and you can actually put some lip color inside the case so when you want to reapply, it is pretty easy!

Overall, I`m extremely satisfied with this set of brushes from Luuux. The brushes all felt very good and they work very well. I was a bit confused about a few of the brushes, but I anticipated that since I have never had a whole brush set before (therefore making this review a bit harder hehe). The concealer brush is very nice and the lip brush is my favorite. I would recommend this set to someone who hasn`t really had a whole brush set before as it seems like a great started kit to build on.

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