Luuux a scam? And Youtube!

4 years ago

I haven`t been on here in a while and the first thing I noticed when I typed "luuux" into my iPod touch`s browser was that luuux is a scam? Is this true and how did it all of a sudden become a scam? I was pretty positive that this site wasn`t and infect isn`t a scam at all from a bunch of YouTube guru`s when I first heard about this website. Like what is going on?

A lot has happend since the last time I was on here. I mean it`s been a year, right? And so much happens in a years time. I`ve moved outta my parents house and into an apartment with my boyfriend, my parents now have a new house and I will be actually starting YouTube videos soon. Any suggestions on what you would like me to do videos on? I do have a few lined up that I want to get started with and will be doing so sometime this month.

Anyways, kinda just wanted to check in and see what`s going on with the site and give a little update on things.

I will link my YouTube below. Also, side note: since the site won`t let me upload any pictures from my iPod`s gallery I will be using a video I made with my nephew for a contest we entered.

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