LUUUX a rip off?

4 years ago

Hey guys, so I know I haven`t been on LUUUX for that long, but it`s already really frustrating me. Like, come on, 1 LUUUX point for most things? And only 7$ or posting? 1$ is probably equal to $0.0001. or less. We put in time, effort, and hard work into this site and I honestly feel like they`re ripping us off!I totally understand that that its not a get rich quick type scheme, but this is rediculous. I was doing the math in my head today. If I get 100 luuux$ EVERYDAY (which would literally take all day) it would take me about 1.5 years of practically wasting my life (having to be o here everydy) to get just the small Louis Vuitton. I think we should protest to get them to either up the value of the points (meaning the prices drop in the luuux shop) or we start getting the amount of points we deserve! Please comment & like so we can get this going! Unfortunately, if they don`t do something about this point system, and soon, this will most likely be my last post. SHARE COMMENT LIKE ETC!!! GO! :)

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