Luuux: A place where Thieves get ahead

So I`m sure a lot of you have heard of this website Luuux, which offers bloggers compensation in the form of Luuux points, which then can redeem for prizes such as Louis Vuitton purses or iPads. Several Youtube Beauty gurus and other bloggers have promoted the site heavily, as they stand the most to gain from it. It`s essentially a pyramid scheme site, where members get points for recruiting new members, blog comments, etc. I`m not too familiar with the exact ins and outs of how it works to be honest as I`m not interested in joining such a site.

However, it`s come to my attention that Luuux is also allowing so-called bloggers to profit from stolen content, in some cases these users are copying and pasting word-for-word the pictures and information from prominent bloggers such as Scrangie, Temptalia, VampyVarnish, and I`m sure many others. From what I can make out, Luuux does have some policies in place against copyright infringement, yet is slow to act on these. There seems to be no monitoring of new posts to see if users indeed upload original content, or if they have just stolen their content from other websites.

The site seemingly disregards the hard work that bloggers put into their work. Real bloggers put in countless hours of meticulous research and some invest in expensive photography equipment to enhance their content. It`s no surprise that copyright theft would happen on a site where members gain compensation for every post they make. These "bloggers" only have their eye on the prize, and don`t think twice about stealing content from other people. What good can come from such a website?

You can read how tough a time Kelly from Vampy Varnish has had to have her stolen images removed from the site. She is but one of the bloggers affected. So far I haven`t seen any of my own content on the site, but it still makes me mad that a website would do so little to protect the copyrights of those people who actually put in the hard work, and reward thieves.

I am hoping that Luuux puts in some more stringent measures to protect bloggers from copyright theft, and that members are forced to post original, meaningful content instead of spending 3 seconds on Google and copying and pasting someone else`s hard work.

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