Lush`s So White Bath Bomb! Review!

5 years ago

I decided to take another Lush bath the other night and this time I used a So White bath bomb! It`s great being home for spring break - I get to take baths and use up some of my Lush products! :) I have a lot from the holiday sale still and so I`m trying to go through and use some up since I have a while pile, lol. I had two So White bath bombs since they were buy 1 get 1 free, so I figured I`d give one a try!

I was immediately attracted to this bath bomb in the store. It`s one of the smaller ones, but smells incredible. It smells just like apples! Delicious!! That`s why I love the name it has, lol. So clever! :P It`s all white with the traditional "Lush" stamp on it and is about the same size as the Butterball bath bomb. In fact, it kinda looks just like the Butterball bath bomb, but I promise it`s actually very different.

When I plopped it into the bath water, my whole bath started smelling like apples! I`ve tried quite a number of bath bombs before and this one has to be one of my all-time favorite scents (along with Blackberry!). I was surprised by how slowly it dissolved. Sometimes, bath bombs dissolve in a minute or two (which is always fun to watch) but this one definitely took its time, lol. I want to say it hung around for about 15 minutes or so before it was completely gone. Since it`s white, it didn`t turn the bath water a cool color like some other bath bombs do (it made the water a bit foggy since it`s white) but it smelled amazing and made the water very silky. And not the slimy silky that you feel the need to wash off you in the shower once you get out of the tub - it was actually a nice silkiness and rather enjoyable! It made my skin soft and smell amazing! :D

I really can`t wait to use the second So White bath bomb I have. It`s definitely one of my new favorites! The scent is heavenly and it makes the bath water feel amazing. I highly recommend giving it a try when it comes back out next holiday season! And since it`s one of the smaller bath bombs, I believe it`s a bit cheaper than the normal ones, too. Even better!

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