Lush`s Sea Vegetable Soap! Review!

5 years ago

I always ask for soap samples whenever I go into Lush because not only is it free soap, but it`s also a great way to try out a product before committing to buying it. I happened to get 3 sample-sizes of Lush`s Sea Vegetable Soap when I went last time (the woman gave me one, my Mom one, and then threw in an extra for the hell of it) and so I`ve been working on using them up :)

In the past, the Lush soaps I`ve tried have left my skin feeling tight and dry, and since the sea vegetable soap felt like the same consistency, I was expecting more of the same. To my surprise, however, the sea vegetable soap made my skin feel pretty good! The soap itself has a bunch of seaweed bits at the end of it that sort of act like exfoliates. You have to be careful they don`t scratch your skin, but they work really well on elbows and knees in particular. The soap, according to Lush`s website, is supposed to smell like lime, lavender, and seaweed. I`m not too sure about the lime and lavender parts, but it definitely smells like seaweed - and not in a bad way! It has a rather nice, natural scent to it that`s actually pleasant :)

One thing I dislike about the soap, though, is the fact that the little seaweed bits come off and you`ll occasionally spot something black on your skin or shower. It`s not a big deal, but just something I`d rather not happen since the little black seaweed bits tend to freak me out when they come out of the soap like that, lol. Also, if you put the soap down when it`s wet, it tends to turn whatever it`s touching blue (it washes away, of course). I remedied that by just keeping it in a plastic baggie since I don`t have one of those fancy Lush tins, lol.

Is this the best soap I`ve ever used? No. But is it good? Yes. I would say it`s one of the better soaps from Lush in terms of cleaning your skin and making it feel good (instead of tight and dry). It smells really nice, too! Personally, I`m not sure if I would actually ever buy it, but I would take more samples of it :)

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