Lush`s Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb! Review!

4 years ago

I took a late-night bath last night and decided to use one of my Lush products. I reached for the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, a purple-and-gold-colored bath bomb with a cinnamon stick in it. It`s very pretty and smells just like cinnamon. So I popped it in the bathtub to see what it would do!

Normally, bath bombs give off some sort of fizz as soon as you drop them in the water. This Phoenix Rising bath bomb didn`t. I was so concerned for a moment that maybe I made a mistake and that it`s a bubble bar and not a bath bomb (because it wasn`t doing anything), that I pulled it out of the water and quickly Googled it to double check. I even tried putting it under the running water to see if it would make bubbles like a bubble bar - but nope! It was indeed a bath bomb so I put it back in the tub, figuring maybe it`s not supposed to fizz up all that much.

The first thing I noticed about this bath bomb was the gorgeous color it turned the bath water. Super pretty! It was a lovely pink-purple color with a hint of the gold color that comes on it. I loved the way it looked! Also noticeable is the scent - it`s very cinnamon-y! So if you don`t like cinnamon, definitely stay away from this, lol. Seriously. I did get a little of the spiced apple scent, but to me it was mostly a cinnamon scent that filled my bathroom.

When it eventually all fizzed (more like disintegrated, lol) away, I got in the tub and immediately noticed an oily residue on top of the water. I didn`t think too much of it since sometimes the bath bombs have moisturizing ingredients in them or whatever. However, once I drained the water and showered off, I realized that my skin felt super oily! It was gross! The oily residue just wouldn`t come off! Ugh... was not very happy about that. It made me feel like I wasn`t clean at all, even though I showered off and everything...

This bath bomb also has the tendency to stain things - your bathtub, your skin, and your towel. Fortunately, it didn`t stain my tub (I read reviews online of that happening to quite a number of people, though) or my skin, but when I was drying off with my towel, I noticed that whatever leftover dye must`ve been on my skin was rubbing off on my towel and turning my towel pink-purple! Not cool! :(

This Phoenix Rising bath bomb is definitely one I <strong>will not</strong> be repurchasing. I mean, overall, it was just okay. It didn`t wow me enough to be anything special. And I`m definitely not a fan of feeling oily like this product left me feeling. It definitely looks pretty and makes the water look gorgeous, but that`s about it for me. If you`re a super fan of how it smells, perhaps give it a try and see how it goes (since it`s smell is really potent). But otherwise I wouldn`t say it`s a must-try.

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