Lush`s Dream Cream Review

5 years ago

Dream Cream is a stable product in most Lushies collections, i wasnt too bothered about it untill i got one in my Lush Legends back on boxing day and im hooked!
In the winter i get bad eczema on my collar bone and my ears start to crack up all over, I normally just slather lotion all over in very generous doses and hope for the best but every since my new holy grale of lotions has come along (okay im getting a little sad now) i can just apply a little bit and not have to worry about pain.

The cream took a little while longer to help my eczema than it did for my cracking ears, Im not really sure why? maybe it works better for some things than others.
My ears used to be so bad that i couldnt bare to touch the tops of them with anything for example putting a headband on would cause me so much pain even when they just moved a little bit.

My ears are now clearing up so much and i havent used anything else pbut this cream! no wonder everyone says its a stable product for there skin. My eczema on my collar bone has all cleared up now, it never really lasts for long and i think the reason it went so quick this time was because i actually used something good on it for once!

If your on the market for a good lotion id reccomend this one!

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