Lush`s Dragon Egg Bath Bomb! Review!

5 years ago

I`m home from school for the weekend and decided to take a nice relaxing Lush bath this evening :) I used a Dragon`s Egg bath bomb. I was pretty sure I had tried one of these before, but once I plopped it in the tub, it was much different than any bath bomb I`ve used before, so I guess I really hadn`t ever tried it before, lol!

I`ve heard reviews, though, that sometimes Dragon`s Egg bath bombs are different from one another, like some have glitter, some don`t, some have confetti, some don`t... so many I have tried this bath bomb before (like I originally thought I had) and this one was just a different experience! The bath bomb itself is white and has little hints of color on it peeping through. I guess they call it Dragon`s Egg because the inside is an "explosive" surprise, lol :)

When I put it in the water, it didn`t fizz up right away like some bath bombs do which was rather nice - I got to actually watch and enjoy it! It rolled around in the water and emitted an orange trail behind it. I realized that the bath bomb was fizzing mostly in the middle and I was able to see the inside - a lovely golden color! Eventually, the bath bomb split and the middle was actually it`s own golden bath bomb. So cool! It made these absolutely gorgeous metallic gold bubbles in the water (see the picture!). It was a really cool effect!

I said before that apparently some Dragon`s Egg bath bombs are different from other ones (part of the surprise, maybe? lol). I read (after taking my bath) that some had "confetti" pieces in them. Mine had one lone confetti piece, lol. It didn`t dissolve in the water and floated around the whole time (it was a squishy thing... kinda weird, actually). BUT, I had tons and tons of glitter!! I didn`t realize it until I actually got in the tub, but there was glitter everywhere! The water was absolutely beautiful. Sparkles everywhere! The color of the water wasn`t that great (it turned a pale orange color that my camera wasn`t able to pick up all that great; I promise, the water wasn`t the weird yellowish/goldish color it appears in the photo, lol. It was definitely more of a pale orange), but the glitter definitely made up for it. My skin was super sparkly because of it! :) Came off very easily with a quick shower and didn`t leave any residue at all on or around the tub after I drained the water.

What about the scent, you ask? To be honest, I didn`t notice a scent. And I didn`t even think about it until now. It`s supposed to smell like "citrusy sherbet" but I didn`t really smell anything (I think there may have been a slight orangey scent, but nothing major or super noticeable, obviously).

This was definitely a fun bath bomb because of the gold inside and all the glitter, but I`m not entirely sure I would repurchase it. I think I might stick to bath bombs that give an overall better effect. Was it nice to try? Definitely. Would I recommend it? It`s not the best, but it can`t hurt to try.

The bath bomb I was thinking of that I thought was this one was the Fizzbanger! So, yes, this was my first time trying Dragon`s Egg, lol. The Fizzbanger one is blue on the inside, not orange like Dragon`s Egg is! :)

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