Lush`s AMAZING lip scrub!

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxer`s!! Hope everyone is having a great day!
I wanted to share another of my favorite products from my FAV store Lush. It is one of their lip scrubs in Mint Julep.
This is one of two flavor s I bought about a month ago and I`ve been using this religiously every other day. I am in love with this.
This scrub is made of vanilla extract, castor sugar, peppermint oil, organic jojoba oil, and tagetes oil. It tastes and smells exactly like the name IT`S AMAZING! Did I say it was amazing already?? Lol
What you do is apply a little to top and bottom lip, it`s powdery not what I expected from a lip scrub at first, but still really nice, then scrub it in really good, with this I think from the peppermint oil I can feel it tingling some, then you can either lick your lips to get it off or just rinse with water. Of course I lick my lips cause again AMAZING lol I made the mistake of letting my little princess 6 year old daughter put a very very tiny amount when she was watching me do my face routine the other day, now she follows me in there ALL THE TIME to ask if its lip scrubby time?! Lol lol
After my lips are so soft and smell really good, it does a great job getting rid of all the dry skin, I apply my FAV lip balm and I`m good to go. My lips look instantly rejuvenated and "plump" and moisturized.
If you haven`t tried this, and you get the chance, it`s definitely worth the $10.00. The link to the product is below. Pic is NOT mine.

What`s your favorite lip scrub? Or lip scrub from Lush?
Would love to hear from you! Thanks :)

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