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4 years ago

So about two weeks ago I read a blog fro a good friend of mine Liliana Lopez about ordering from the UK Lush store rather than the US Lush store because it`s cheaper. So i decided to take her up on this idea and i made an order right away! It took 9 day`s for the order to arrive, and here it is! Sea Vegetable Soap i received 100g, which is approximately 3.75 ounces. It`s list price in the Lush UK shop is 2.46 pounds. Price in the U.S store $7.95 for 3.5 oz. The conversion price $3.84 A savings of $4.11 Blooming Beautiful Gift Box which includes 100g Bubble bar and a bath bomb The list price in the UK shop is 6.46 pounds. Price in the U.S store is $12.95. The conversion price $10.07 A savings of $2.88 This is going to be a prize in a giveaway i am going to have on my other blog Which you can find Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb 2.63 pounds. Price in the U.S store is $6.25 The conversion price is $4.10 A savings of $2.15 I bought this as a gift for one of my friends. He is spending time from his summer to teach me music so i told him to pick something from the Lush store he`d like and this was it! Sunnyside Bubblebar 2.92 pounds. Price in the U.S store is $6.95 The conversion price is $4.55 A savings of $2.40 This bubblebar did melt a little bit in the heat but it`s been in the mid 90`s. My packaging is a bit sticky but i understand the heat circumstances. BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask 4.79 pound for 75g which is approximately 2.65 oz. Price in the U.S shop is $6.95 for 2.1 oz. And is only sold in store, it can`t be purchased online through the U.S. store. The conversion price is $7.47 which is actually $0.52 more than the U.S List price. My total price before shipping was 19.25 pounds or $30.01 Shipping for the order cost $9.27 or 5.95 pounds U.S shipping prices are $6.00 My total savings for this order, subtracting the extra fee`s for shipping and the Seaweed mask is $7.75 Now i didn`t save as much as my friend Liliana, but even the smallest savings makes a difference! If you wanna check out my friend Liliana`s order just visit /viz/uk-lush-haul
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