LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Demo amp First Impressions

5 years ago

The other night I felt like a bath using one of the recent LUSH products I bought! So i decided to use the
Twilight Bath Bomb! I cut it in half, and I really wish I didn`t because then it does not work the same in the bath, but it still works really well and the same! So Obviously its a purpley pink layer on the outside, which goes into a purple and then has a bright blue! And what really suprised me was that there was glitter inside!
By the way the glitter does not make your skin itch or react with it in anyway! The last photo has the glitter in it, but it was moving because of the water so it is a little blurry! The glitter does not exactly stick to you, but you do pick some up! And it is such an amazing smell! It only cost me like $5.95 or something around that! And I am going to go back and buy some more! The bath first turns a light pink and then turns to a blue with darker blue veins in it, the pictures i have with the blue is very true to the color, but the pink not so much, as I have very bright yellow lighting in my bath room which can affect some colors when taking photos, but they are all still pretty close in color! But I am going to go back and buy a lot! Just incase they take it away from me aha! I love the name, it really suits the product and I love how it all works!
Have you tried LUSH? Have you tried a bath bomb from Lush before? Click /viz/lush-mac-revlon-and-nail-art-haul-i-finally-got-facets-fuchsia-scandalous For the LUSH Haul that had the Twilight bomb in it!
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