LUSH Tortures Womans In Their Shop ( For Anti-animal Testing Campaign)

4 years ago

A cosmetic company named Lush ( i think people around here know it, i know i have seen that name in post titles) recently decided to take action and make a campaign against animal-testing.
They teamed up with Humane Society International and went for the "shock" method for their campaign and decided to put a woman, who is a performance artist, in their store display in London and tortured her for hours, making product tests on her and simulating what the animals go through to test the products that some companies then sells. Here is what she agreed to do : "flesh-colored bodystocking and be force fed, smothered with lotions, and have her hair shaved " ( quoted from the source)

It does seem extreme and a shocking campaign but I think it was successful because you can find articles about it everywhere online. Even though it seems a bit extreme, im with their cause and im against animal testing because there are other reliable ways to test products and animals shouldn`t suffer.

<strong>What do you think of this campaign? Good or too much?
Are you against or in favor of animal testing?</strong>

(picture from the source)

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